Ensuring wold class services and high quality Body Art. With expert advice and guidance from experienced Tattoo Artists Gavin Rowe & Rex Rex.

over 20 000 people tattooed

years of experience

get inked by the same team that inked 

Raul Trujillo (Moby Dick, Cowboys & Aliens)
Liam & Noel Gallagher (oasis)
Dirty Sanchez
sinead o'connor
brittany murphy

Professional Tattoos

Black & Grey, Black Work, Cover Ups, Custom Design, Dot Work, Japanese, Neo Traditional, New School, Touch Ups, Traditional, Tribal & Watercolor

Tattoo Artists combine the tradition of Tattooing with their own personal style – creating a unique one of a kind body art. With the addition of new inks, Tattooing has certainly reached new levels of styles. There are unlimited styles and technique to select from! We also do custom designs following a free consultation.

& Professional Piercings

Tongue, Navel, Nose, Lips, Eyebrow, Ears and Nipples. Other Piercing procedures are also provided to those who are up for the challenge…

We encourage you to ask questions to assist you in your decision-making. You can be assured that we pride ourselves on maintaining and ensuring that our instruments and equipment are fully sterilized and hygienic. All jewelry used for Piercings is hypo allergic 316 surgical stainless steel. We also have a new jewelry range that is available to purchase at our studio for your convenience.

Your Body is a Canvas…we hope to ink it soon!